No, unfortunately (but really, fortunately), I’m not talking about the dating site. Flipping through countless magazines and watching the fashion runways and collections, I’ve noticed one thing similar, there’s a pattern of matching sets. I personally don’t think matching sets will ever go out of fashion (like almost all fashion trends/styles), but more so matching sets […]




Since fashion is known to have its unique perks and trends, nothing has come short in terms of their uniqueness so to speak. The mixing and matching of uncommon styles, colours,
b2bd4dc7baf744fcf68bb9b0e781e42fpatterns and everything in between has become a basic step when building the true art of what is to be fashion.


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“You got a fetish for my love, I push you out and you come right back, right back”. Yes, I’m obsessed with Selena’s new direction of music, but more importantly, I’m obsessed with the intricate details of floral, carelessly plastered yet perfectly placed on this seasons clothing. Here are a few pastel perfections and floral […]



I decided to finally do it. Walking into my local news agency I headed straight for the magazine shelves. It was pure fashion galore (in the stylish magazine form of course). After sorting through my magazines I had accumulated over the past few years, I decided it was time for a change. Post teen vogue […]


Chic and Street OBSESSED: The ultimate Relationship

Okay so here are my current obsessions…. Lately the weather down under (yes, I know I just said that), in Australia has been bleak to say the least. We’ve had our summer and were coming into Winter (I think) but it’s a hard transition (according to Mother Nature). With pouring rain in humid heat for about two weeks straight, the weather is finally dipping it’s toes into the cold season. Now that we’ve had our brief weather report (never trust the news man), let’s take look into the chic and street style. This is definitely what I’m obsessed with right now.

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